Layered FinanceGenius

Helping You Take Online Loan Applications in No Time

FinanceGenius’ ConsumerLoanApp™ is a lender-ready, responsive loan application solution that captures data from virtually any mobile device. From millennials to baby boomers, today’s borrower expects a simple, efficient and mobile-ready experience. ConsumerLoanApp makes that possible.

Implement ConsumerLoanApp in 1-2 weeks, instead of months, to provide a branded, borrower-ready application and see an immediate increase in your loan application volume.


ConsumerLoanApp Benefits:

Mobile Loan Applications
  • Web-based loan application that allows borrowers to apply at anytime, from any device
  • Designed from the ground up, based on specific needs of the mobile consumer
  • Provides around the clock online loan origination capabilities
Fast Implementation and Configurable
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Fully customizable loan application
  • Quickly integrates with your existing website
  • Integrates with FinanceGeniusLOS and ExpressLOS for faster, seamless response to applications
  • Mirrors your brand to consumers
  • Allows upload of customizable marketing materials, disclosures or borrower instructions